What's wrong with my ZMax Pro??

raven0175raven0175 TexasPosts: 7 ✭✭

This is my 4 phone since I bought it from Metro PCS and now it gotten worse... I can barely send messages, it's too hard to text, there are problems with the keyboard...it freezes, text with symbols, if I hit the space bar it asks me to change the language of the keyboard......etc... The other day it started opening and closing apps, dialing numbers at random, restarting by itself like it was possessed...I can't scroll on a page that has links or pics because it will open them.... I'm about to buy a zmax blade...but I think that metro PCS should upgrade me to the blade without me paying for it....I paid for the zmax pro and it's been one headache after another....like I said this is my 4th phone....This is very annoying....not happy....


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