ZTE Overture 3 Touchpal Keyboard outbound network traffic - Forcing an uninstall

MKOPMKOP usPosts: 18 ✭✭✭✭✭

After my dealings with the Cricket Wifi Manager and discovering its data collection, I've found another on the phone.

Touchpal keyboard is another app that is phoning home even though I've replaced it with AnySoftKeyboard as the default KBD. I like anysoftkeyboard because it creates no network sessions. Why does a keyboard need outbound connections??? Answer is: it doesn't if all it's doing is typing, right?

Again, I can't see the data it is sending out, it never asked me for permissions to send data anywhere, it can't be disabled or removed. Therefore I don't trust it.

It really irks me when apps I can't remove are creating outbound sessions without prior knowledge or consent.

Tonight I'll use the same process as before to uninstall it from the current user on the phone. I'll post the steps to get rid of this app also.


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