Another mysterious app in ZTE overture 3 'com.dti.crickett' - Pls help identify

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My phone received an OTA updated from Cricket Wireless. This might be new, or I never noticed it before.

A new app called 'Mobile Services' is in the app list. and it is using data. Since I'm not familiar with it, I went to take a look.
'Mobile Services' is such a generic term that searching on the web turned up nothing difinitive.

I used 'adb shell' and listed packages, grepping for 'mobile' and nothing came up. So the package name is unknown.
In the Android gui, I can see the package claims to have been 'Installed from mobile Service', also not a great help.
This mysterious app has full control over the system and phone.

I can see in the android gui that the package version is

So I drop out of adb shell and instead use the adb from command line to find my target package version from all installed packages.

for p in adb shell pm list package | awk -F"package:" '{print $2}'; do echo -n "$p: "; adb shell dumpsys package $p | grep -i versionName | awk -F"=" '{print $2}'; done

This lists out all packages and the versions of each one. I found the match here:

I Forced-stopped the app, but can't disable it.

I can find no information online as to what this app does.
So Last time I called cricket to ask them about their own phone's image I got no where. 1st level customer service dont know what a 'package' is, and they won't transfer me to an engineer or anyone with a stuffed penguin on their desk.

So Maybe someone here can tell me what this package is and what it does (aside from use up a lot of data).

I HATE that all these mysterious apps on this phone call out everywhere and send mysterious data that I can't see.


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    The fact that it has "crickett" in the name and that it's a carrier device leads me to believe it's from the carrier themselves and ZTE won't have any answers for you. Most likely it's part of Cricket's package of apps and who knows if you can find someone from Cricket to actually tell you what it is. Sorry, I know that's not what you were hoping to hear.

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    I agree, if you want answers they will most likely have to come through Cricket. If you want to get away from this type of situation in the future, your best bet is to get a carrier unlocked device in the first place. Carriers are always going to have bloat on their devices.

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