Adb Interface Driver For Win7

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Currently I have ZTE ZMax Champ LTE.
I am trying to use adb, but it can't establish connection to the device. According to my device manager, ADB interface driver has exclamation saying "The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28)"....
I was looking for the driver, but I wasn't able to find any thing even in ZTE support page.

I also found there is a link here for ZTE...

I tried this, but the installation didn't go through..

I found some link here in this forum about Universal one...

I haven't tried this one yet....Any one has tried? Does this work? Not sure whether I can safely try this one or not...Just would like to check here in case...

Any help is appreciated.



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    @jsam I haven't had any drivers issue, have you tried to use the original cable that came with the device when you are connecting it to the pc?

    I did however find some drivers here..... although I don't know how legit they are:

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    Thanks for your comments. BTW, ZTE doesn't provide any drivers?

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    If you need ADB drivers, when you connect the phone to your PC you should have a USB mode listed as "Install driver".

    That option should install some ADB drivers without having to look for the generic ones provided by google (they never make them easy to find).

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    Thanks. I know about that option... I've already tried that... I remember by that option, the driver was installed by that option "Install driver", but ADB interface wasn't somehow... I am seeing ADB Interface node under Device Manager has exclamation mark. The thing is that I can browse files in my phone in Window Explore, but for some reason, when I issue "adb devices", then my device doesn't show up. Strange..

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    Just surprised. I didn't accept answer. razor512 answer can't be "accepted answer" under this specific question.

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    I do not have any idea how the hell that answer was accepted. Did I? NOPE. Never. Who did? No idea either. Where is the heck I could remove the accepted answer? I can't find.

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    Looking back on the actions of the post and @jsam marked @razor512 ‘s answer as correct.

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    I went ahead and removed it.

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    Did you enable USB debugging in the developers menu?

    From all of the ZTE devices that I have used over the past few years (from super low end , to high end, the drivers always allowed for support of ADB.

    All you had to to was have those drivers installed, in addition to having the USB debugging enabled.

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