Axon 7 Call Issues

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My axon 7 is acting up. People can't hear me due to sounding like in a tunnel or static or broken up. I know there's a way to get a new one under warranty and send this one back but where do I go to start the process? Thank you.
This is my second time in 9 months! Is this a common complaint for this phone?

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    Actually I went ahead and got their number if it's the US variant this is who you will call! Axon and Unlocked Device Support: 800-617-5065


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    You'll have to call the ZTE hotline. I don't have their number on hand but just click on the contact us button up top. It should have a phone number specifically for the axon 7 and axon 7 mini. But for your information it is not a new phone it is a used one but it is inspected and repaired before being sent out. Like whenever they get your phone and address the situation they're going to repair the issue clean the screen really well and it'll be ready to be shipped out as replacement!

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    Did you try cleaning the mic ports?

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