Axon 7 stock music player battery drain...

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As the title States above which I will break it down here I've noticed that the axon 7 stock music player drains the battery faster than say musicxmatch (another music player). Even when I use YouTube to listen to music I've noticed that the battery still drains faster when using the axon 7 stock music player! Is this just a me problem or does it happen to anybody else? If it does happen to anybody else is this common? All answers are appreciated thank you very much!


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    i have used Axon 7 stock music player playing music via BT headphone and have not noticed that the battery drains faster. How much difference are you noticing compare the stock music player with other players? Maybe I was just not paying too close attention if the difference is just minor.

    Are your music files saved on the microsd card? if so, maybe try to play music from the internal storage to see if that makes any difference in terms of battery life. FYI, mine music is on the sd card.

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    @jimlloyd40 curious honestly! @samsamha it was at 69% and an hour later at 54%! If I use YouTube I only lose like 6% or so in the same time period. If I use musicxmatch only 4% or 5% in the same period (due to it displaying lyrics).

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    I don't recalll that I had such a big drop in the battery while I was playing music using the built in player. Though when I play music, the screen is often off since I just use my BT headphone to control the music (and/or occassionally just tap the screen to switch tracks). When you were listening to the music, were you also looking at the screen for the lyrics? Are the lyrics embedded into the mp3 tracks? (I am assuming the music you have are mp3 files) Is the music saved to the microsd cards? If so, maybe it's the card's issue.

    I would say maybe use app like gsmbattery to monitor the battery usage while you are playing music to see which apps and hardware is draining the power.

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    @jimlloyd40 I don't know if it's optimized or not I'm not sure how to even check that but I can say no it does not run of the background I make sure to close it out. I do clear the cache because I cleared the data and that did not help. @samsamha all my music is on the SD card and they are all in the MP3 format. The lyrics are not embedded it's just how musicxmatch does it! It's a really good app check it out (it displays lyrics and the musicxmatch app that is also a music player)! I do keep the screen on when I use it I don't turn the screen off.

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