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I'm not getting the message indicator anymore for texts and phone calls, it used to put a red # under the corresponding icons..If I had 2 new text messages it would put a red 2 down there...I have most notifications sounds off because they drive me crazy so I depend on the message indicator...How can I get that back working ?

My model is Z981


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    Hi @jimlloyd49,

    Yes it just had about 80 updates, when I went to Metro for help they installed all my updates for me, is how I know. As far as it being a standard feature or app, I'm not sure. I have cleared the data cache for messaging and phone per ZTE support email this morning, so now I'm just waiting to see if that helped. Thanks for replying.

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    I think they did both...the guy at Metro installed all of them...and no it didn't work...oh well it was nice while it lasted.

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    @jimlloyd40 Good idea...thanks for all your help...I'm heading over to the store now

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    @jimlloyd40 to get the nova launcher which I installed but it's telling me I need
    to upgrade to Nova launcher Prime to use the notification badge feature...which is the
    only thing I wanted to use....guess I will look for something else now

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    @jimlloyd40 thank you that's exactly what I'm looking for appreciate it Jim

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