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I purchased this product about 8-days ago, this is my second one. The first one had an issue with heating up, I find these phones get extremely hot to the touch..... that needs to be fixed. Secondly, the battery charging seems to be an issue as if the phone charges too! long, it is said to damage the battery.... so how do I know how long to charge the battery, certainly I am not going to plug it in and sit and watch it. The next issue and this it a hair puller for me. I established a pattern to unlock my screen, well it appears this is the absolute worse thing I could have done. Since I established the pattern to unlock, I can no longer answer incoming calls until the call stops ringing in. I then have to unlock the phone and then call the person back. This is extremely annoying not to mention inconvenient. I called in for help and of course, as AT&T always does, they gave me this song and dance about how sorry they are and all they can do is reset the phone, at which time I will "AGAIN!!!" LOSE ALL!!! THE INFORMATION I HAVE IN THIS!! PHONE. This really sucks! and it has turned out to be quite an inconveniencing device. There are many aspects of it that I like but this one issue is really leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Anyone out there having these issue......Also, please chime in on this last issue!! has anyone noticed that the screen develops these hairline cracks. I was looking at the first screen in the sunlight, and I could see little tiny hair like cracks all through the screen and I had just gotten the phone and taken the paper off of it.


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    I've not noticed the phone getting any warmer than any other phone I've used while gaming or doing other intensive tasks. It is perfectly fine to leave your phone plugged in and charging even after it's hit 100%, so there is no reason to watch it.

    While keeping your device charged between 50-80% is the ideal range to extend the life of the battery itself, the damage of keeping it plugged in say overnight while you sleep is minimal at the worst and nothing to worry about. Every phone is like this though so there is no way to get around it. You would have to watch any phone you bought if that's how you feel.

    I don't understand your issue with the pattern unlock. I've never used that but I use the PIN and fingerprint scanner setup and have never had any issues. Is there any reason why you aren't using the fingerprint scanner?

    Perhaps when you get a phone call you might need to swipe up before answering or to enter your pattern in order to answer the call, but I'm not sure. I just know ZTE phones require a swipe instead of the more common long press before entering a PIN or pattern and that throws some people off like myself.

    I believe the hairline cracks you are speaking of might be scratches on the screen itself, especially because you see them in the sunlight. This is due to Gorilla Glass 5 being engineered to be more durable against cracks but made it more likely to scratches. A screen protector or case to protect the glass is more important on newer phones that use this, especially one that has 2 screens that are always exposed.

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