Screen not responsive to touch at all

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Hello. I have a ZTE ZMAX Pro and I just need some help. I dropped my phone about 6 inches and the screen has not been damaged but is completely unresponsive to touch. The phone turns on, and responds to voice commands. I really just need to get some information off the phone such as text messages and photos. I have attempted to connect an optical mouse but it will not power on, and also tried to connect my phone to my computer but the "use as a power source" is the default setting on my phone when I plug it in so it's not working either since I cannot select the proper setting to transfer media.
I have also purchased an adapter to connect to HDMI but that doesnt seem to work either.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Thanks jimlloyd40...will a factory reset clear all my saved info? I'm trying to preserve the info on the phone. I'll take a look online to see how I can get into the recovery screen...Safe Mode doesnt work either.

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    Clearing the cache didn't work. Does anyone know how to get a mouse to work on this phone?

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    The Blade Z max does not output any power from its USB-C port, thus it cannot power a mouse if connected to it.

    On your device, did you ever enable USB debugging?

    if so, you could try installing vysor

    Then when connected to the PC via USB and running the desktop companion application, you may be able to get some control.

    There may not be a reliable way to get data off of the device unless you saved important data to a micro SD card, as unpowered USB host mode does not seem to be on either.

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    @jimlloyd40 said:

    @bad455ta said:
    Clearing the cache didn't work. Does anyone know how to get a mouse to work on this phone?

    I don't know of any way to get a mouse to work. So did you get to the recovery screen?

    Yes I did...I guess at this point I am going to see what it takes to remove the screen and see if it was disconnected unless you have any other ideas.

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    Thanks for all the help everyone!

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    Thanks for the video...I ended up taking it to a phone repair shop and they said it has water corrosion on the display contacts so they are going to try and repair it. Who knows what will happen now...

    Thanks for the input everyone!

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    Is there a video for the ZTE Blade V8 Pro Z978 on removal, because my screen is unresponsive too

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    Nevermind, I pulled it apart. My screen was disconnected

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    If the touch screen of your phone cannot work without experiencing any physical damage, it is probably caused by software issues. In this case, there are several means you can try to fix the issue.

    1. Restart the device
      When an error occurs on your phone, the most direct but simplest way to settle the problem is restarting the device. That's because this means can stop all the running applications on your phone which can release the device from heavy load. And the operation is very easy- press down the Power button until the screen gets dark. Then wait a minute and hold down the Power button once again to start the phone.
      This way can turn your phone back to normal status at most time.

    2. Take out SD card & SIM card
      Sometimes the SD card or SIM card on your phone would cause some issues as well. Thus, you can try to:

    • Turn off the mobile phone and then remove the back cover of the device to take out the memory and SIM card.
    • After that, you can reboot the device and check if the screen is responsive now.
    1. Inspect whether there is malware or incompatible application on your phone

    Malware or incompatible applications on your phone could affect the phone running as well. Hence, you can boot your phone into Safe mode to see if it runs well in this mode. If it does, you need to delete or uninstall the programs that you have installed on the device recently. Here, to enter the Safe mode on Android phone, you have 2 means:

    • Switch off the Android phone and long press the Power button to reboot the phone. Then release the Power button when you see the brand logo of your phone. But immediately, you need to press and hold the Volume Down button until you see a Safe mode indicator at the bottom left corner.
    • Press down the Power button until an options menu shows up. Just long press the Power off option and you will gain a message asks you whether to reboot the device into Safe mode. Just tap on OK.
    1. Factory reset Android phone

    No matter what kind of Android problems you meet, the most mighty and effective way to settle the issue is to factory reset the device. But meanwhile, it is also your last option since it would erase all the settings and data on your phone. Thus, before performing the resetting process, you'd better backup the wanted files on your Android phone in advance. Then you can:

    • Boot your phone into Recovery mode.
    • Use Volume buttons to select wipe data/factory reset option from the list and press Power key to confirm that.
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