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I've had the Blade X for 5 months now and I can hardly find any info on this phone at all online. I understand it isn't the most popular of ZTE devices, but finding any online information about this phone is almost impossible. First off, the bootloader is unlockable in developer settings but there is no way to get it to boot into fastboot. I've tried all the abd commands and it just reboots like normal. I've tried every rooting apk and PC software I can find (around 20) and nothing can root this thing. Am I just doing something wrong? I know it's a Cricket only phone, but being owned by AT&T and getting the exact LTE coverage as an AT&T customer I'm paying only $63 a month for unlimited everything. Including mobile hotspot.

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    @JohnNokomis The developer settings menu for ''bootloader is unlockable'' is standard on all Android devices however the Blade X does not have the ability to boot into fastboot. ZTE has decided to remove it from the device. There are a few other models in the same boat.

    As for questions on the device, let us know and we can mostly like help answering them. I know there's not too much info out there but there are similar devices in the ZTE lineup which use the same software and setup.

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