My phone restarts a lot??? And takes forever to start up again??

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So I've had my ZMAX Pro for a little over a year now and there haven't been as many problems with it until now. I know overheating can make your phone force restart itself but sometimes it'll just restart whenever I'm doing the simplest things, like playing games or scrolling through my social media. Sometimes when I play Madden NFL Mobile or PUBG Mobile or when I'm on Instagram the apps will freeze and my phone's temperature will skyrocket and then it'll restart itself. Also when it restarts, it'll spend ages on the "Starting your Android device" screen and say it's optimizing only 1 app, and I have no idea what app that could be. It does this even after it hasn't been touched for hours and it's cooled down too. I've reduced my reasons for this happening to my constant use of my 4G LTE data because I don't have wifi in or around my house and/or maybe because all those apps are fairly large, but if anyone else has any other reasons for this happening or ideas on how to fix it, please comment below.

TL;DR: My phone freezes and overheats itself on certain apps, and takes forever to restart itself. Please help!!


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    Do you have microsd card? If so, maybe try to take it out to see it the problem goes away (in case the card is going bad or corrupted).

  • TheTortoiseKidTheTortoiseKid United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭

    I don't think I have a micro SD card and I've also checked through all my apps to see if anything doesn't look right but everything seems okay to me so I don't know what to do at this point

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