My alarm will not work

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I just purchased the Max XL, after using the Max Pro for over a year ( should have stayed with thea Max Pro ). I have a really annoying issue with the XL, when I set the alarm for the next morning it will start at the time set BUT will not make a sound!! Yes I have a tone assigned to it and have tried several different from the choices given. Also I have the "pleasure mode" (vibrate) turned "off" in alarm but it WILL vibrate when the alarm activates. Volume is turned up all way (all volume controls are at 100%). I took it back to dealer next day and set it for "2 minutes from now"to show sales person and the damn thing worked!! Only time it has ever worked of course. I have set it manually and I have had Google Assistant set it and the same outcome. 5:45 comes every morning and my Max XL vibrates silently off the night stand.


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    If I'm understanding you correctly the alarm is going off at the set time but it's just not making any sound. Instead, it is vibrating even though you have vibration turned off. Is your phone on DND when the alarm goes off in the morning but not in DND when the person at the store tried it? The alarm should still work in DND mode but perhaps you need to change that in the settings menu or in the alarm app.

    I know you said you've turned the volume up but I'm just double checking if you've clicked the little settings cog in the bottom right hand corner of the clock app and made sure the volume turned up there. You'll find a checkbox for the vibration to turn that off as well in that settings menu.

    Also, have you tried clearing the cache/data on the clock app itself and then setting the alarm again? I'd also recommend clearing the cache from recovery if that doesn't work. As a last resort you could try performing a factory data reset. Which will completely erase your phone and then set it up again from scratch.

    Another option would be to try a different clock app such as the Google clock or another one from the Play Store.

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    I will check the settings again as recommended. I clear the cache from my device at least every two days and restart it 1-2 times a day. I will post any changes after your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to help..

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    Is there a volume control for the microphone level?

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