I Hate This Phone So Much I Plan to Use It For TARGET PRACTICE!

hugh009hugh009 United StatesPosts: 1

As a former CBS News CONSUMER reporter I decided to give Cricket Wireless a try instead of Verizon as up here in Franklin NC it is WORTHLESS! Cricket gave me a Sonata phone and I have had nothing but problems with it!

I will hang up the phone from a call and next thing I know it has started dialing back the person! NOT a butt call. The phone can be sitting on the sofa and do it! Never had that with the numerous phones I have owned.

The texting on it is another nightmare. Of course that may be due to the lack of AI in all so called smartphones! Some company should make phones more AI based!

As a teacher of Preparedness and Survival I need items for target practice with Taurus 380 and new Glock 19 4 Gen. I think this is going to be it!


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