Problems after 5-ish months

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My current phone just encountered an issue, for some reason, the Recent Apps, and Home Buttons do not work. What I mean by this is the software does not know what to do when I click the physical buttons. I even downloaded a touchscreen Button Application to make sure it was not the hardware. I was correct, it is the software. The 'back' button works but the other 2 ('Home', and 'Recent Apps') do not. When I change my navigation keys around, the 'back' button still works and the Recent Apps do not. Along with this, notifications are not showing up! My screen does not awaken for anything, not even calls (but I still do hear my ringtone), and the notification bar does not pull down all the way, it shows just enough for me to change the brightness. Another thing that is happneing, is that whenever I go into Google Play, I am unable to install applications. I have tried everything. Nothing seems to work. I am not going to factory reset my phone unless it comes to that. That is a last resort. Is there anything else that I could do? This ALL happened today around 6pm (UTC -5) Can someone please answer me as soon as possible, thank you!

PS: I also need to know how to boot into safe mode, thank you!


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    My daughter's phone is having the exact same issue. She has only had her phone less than 2 months. 3 of the 5 phones I recently purchased were the ZTE BLADE Z MAX and only hers is having the same exact problems. Has anyone found a fix for this?

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    I was able to resolve the issue by in fact factory resetting my phone. I backed up my data and used the phone's built-in factory reset feature to easily do it a few mornings ago. Works like a charm once again.

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    Her phone won't back up anything. When I click back up or sync nothing happens at all.

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