Current Issues with ZTE cricket Blade X Max

RyanRingoRyanRingo United StatesPosts: 1

Hiya! A few issues with my ZTE Blade X Max that Id like to address and see if anyone has found a fix to thus far. I have owned a few android and are specifically very farmilliar with ZTE. I like the phones and Id be open to anything that might fix these issues entirely even up to loading a new OS

1) If I make a call with the phone, after hanging up It will call someone else in my contacts list at random. Almost like a butt dial. I had seen some other people have this issue as well.

2) I have lots of free gigs of space on my phone and an SD card formated to the ZTE but the phone will not allow me to save screenshots or download pictures from the web due to ''Insufficient storage space'' even though I can physically see gigs of free space on the SD and internal disk in storage settings. Also it wont allow me to tranfer files from sd to phone and vise versa due to the same error

3) The phone douplicates notifications from apps 2 to 5 times in the drop down display even if I have already viewed the message or if there is only one message.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks a ton

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