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Okay so I'm also new to doing this whole fourm thing I am trying to make my Google Assistant have a British accent how do I do this on my ZTE blade zMAX


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    hi, @magnusmaximus

    As far as google assistant goes, it should matches the system language. The Blade Z Max's language setting only supports US English (and not British English, so you won't be able to get British accent voice feedback).

    However, you can still customize your google search language so it will recognize British accent when you use voice search. To do so, open app drawer, Google, tap the 3 lines on the lower right corner for setting. Then go to settings, and search languages

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    I'm starting to think that too I've done it in just had the 2015 Samsung Galaxy j7 was older than dirt my LG K20 was able to my Galaxy Mega and Note 2 and Note 3 and I want to say my ZTE zMAX was able to I just like the way it sounds it's different having that British accent
    And hey guys if my spelling seems off for one it's been a long day I do voice text I have really big hands I'm a pretty tall guy so it's hard for me to text so I do talk text and I haven't eat Brooklyn accent so it ever seems like whoa misspelled that's it LOL

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    I am not sure if this will work but you could try to download app like more locale or hidden language to potentially enable some additional language if they are in the rom to see if that will let you enable British accent.

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