The Axon 7 is a tough act to follow!

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I love my Axon 7. It was a truly amazing, and game-changing device. I had been eagerly awaiting its sequel: the Axon 9. Sadly, amidst all this recent controversy, I've had to consider other options. I happened upon a very good deal on the Samsung Galaxy S9+ with AT&T via Best Buy, so I jumped on it (picked it up yesterday). As we all know, Samsung is the leader in Android phones, but this is the first time I've ever had one. It's a nice phone, but I've got to tell you: Holding them side-by-side, I STILL prefer the Axon 7. ZTE really knocked it out of the park with the Axon 7! It is a tough act to follow! The screen is Beautiful, and not inexplicably curved, like the S9+ (how I wish they did a flat-screened version of it!), and software-wise, the Axon 7 is capable of many of the same things. It's amazing that a $400 phone from 2016 is holding its own against a 2018 flagship that costs more than double the price! Best phone I've ever owned, period. It's a damn shame we won't (likely) see the Axon 9. It had the potential to be a really great device. If it manages to come out, I will still be checking it out. Until then, however, I guess I'll just have to see how things go with this S9+.


  • dnewman007dnewman007 las vegasPosts: 3,176 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I have not given up hope on ZTE coming out with the SO. My fingers are crossed :wink:

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    I fully agree what you said. I have experience both devices and can say that you really get a lot of bang for bucks with A7. Axon 7 is really a great device that offers very good in hand feels and it's solid build with metal body (unlike GS9's glass back, which I absolutely hate:)). I also think curve screen is not really that useful on GS9. ZTE really has improved quite a lot with the software with every iteration of updates since the A7 first comes to the market. Hardware-wise it is almost perfect except the camera that needs improving.

    I also still have hope that ZTE will come back bigger than ever with Axon 9 as well.

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    Yes the Axon 7 is actually a really good phone and the device is still running strong today.

    I still have hope like @samsamha stated above, I believe that ZTE will come through this better than ever.

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    @dnewman007 said:
    I have not given up hope on ZTE coming out with the SO. My fingers are crossed :wink:

    I'm sorry: What's the "SO"?

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    I went from a OnePlus One to the Axon 7. Loved them both but they were both always almost OK. In the end I had GPS issues I couldn't resolve with the Axon the were important to my use case. bought an S8 which immediately solved everything. Just took advantage of the $350 trade in for the S8 to the S9 and couldn't be happier. If you need your phone to just work more than you need a few hundred bucks and your phone as a hobby then finally letting go and moving on feels pretty good in the end.

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    I'd be more inclined to get another Huawei or an Honor. I wouldn't buy a Samsung.
    My A7 is working well so it's not even a consideration at present.
    I do hope ZTE survive and still release the Axon 9.

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