Charging issue!

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As the issue above States this is a charging issue like most other axon 7s! About 5 minutes ago I plugged in my device on the charger and it did not make any noise whatsoever you know the little ding noise... Well anyway upon further inspection I noticed that on the lock screen it no longer says quick charging or anything about charging it's just blank at the bottom! The phone appears to be charging still which is a blessing but it displays nothing of the sort... I've tried restarting and clearing the cache but to no avail nothing comes on the lock screen and before anybody asks I'm using the stock lock screen I am using Nova Launcher if that makes any difference! Has anybody else encounter this issue and how did you fix it as this is very stressful and makes me worried because this is like the first start of a malfunction but thankfully my device is still charging I'm assuming it's quick charging but it still worries me! This will be the last ZTE device I purchase I will send it in for repairs but just to sell it because this is become stressful as this is my third device and it will be the 4th if anything goes wrong with the charging itself besides the lettering on the lock screen! All answers are appreciated and I swear to God if anybody says something about a Galaxy S9 I'm going to be pissed **** Samsung I'll go with the nokia 6.1 probably but has anybody else encountered this problem and if so how did you fix it all answers are appreciated about the problem! Thanks!


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    If this makes any difference I installed the Ampere app and whenever I checked it at 93% I was getting 800 Ma and at 95% I'm getting 650 Ma is that common for device that supports Quick Charge 3 when it gets into the 90s? As again I'm just worried but if that's natural that I'm not sweating it but I've noticed that it's been going down by tens like 850 840 is that common because it's in the 90s for charging?

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    How low should it get?

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    And when turning off the device and checking when it charges while off it does say fast charging you know whenever it shows the green battery when the phone is powered off it says fast charging! So does that mean it is fast charging just something is going on with the lettering or is my device already going out on me or what any answers are appreciated guys!

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    if the device is still charging normally, then I would not worry too much.

    It is normal that the device will charge at different rate depending on the battery level and the temperature of the device. Typically a device charges faster when the battery level is low (so you get a quick top off) but when the battery reached to high percentage, it will slow down to prevent overheating or any damage. That is why if you pay attention when a device is charging, you will get to high percentage fairly quickly when you starts off from like 10~15% but after it reached to about 80 or 90%, the last 10 or 20% will be much slower.

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