Why does my new Z798BL (Tracfone) use 4.28 GB under "System Memory"?

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Why does my new Z798BL (Tracfone) use 4.28 GB under "System Memory"? I just bought the phone and was disappointed to find that I have less memory available even though there is more total memory (8GB). Is this normal? If not, what is the likely issue, and how do I fix it?


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    The storage listed in the specs is the total amount of NAND installed on the device, think of it like how a laptop may advertise a 256GB SSD, even though you may only have around 215GB-220GB of storage available since the OS will take up some of the storage.

    Overall, it is normal for a phone to offer less available storage than what is listed in the specs since the OS will take up some of the storage, along with the cache partition.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Okay sure, but over half of the total memory for the operating system??_I have a motorola that's a couple of years old and I noticed it has about 5 GB of memory and _none of it is taken up for system memory (I'm assuming "system memory" is the same as OS). My old XTE/Tracfone had about 5 GB of memory and I don't remember it having any or much for the OS (I lost it, that's why I have the new phone). At second thought, it probably used around 2 GB for something like system memory. In any case I actually had more space on that phone, probably about 3 GB of usable memory compared to (apparently) about 2 GB on this phone.

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