Well with good news comes the bad news... Real bad news...

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Just read the link guys sorry but I had to share...


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    Well, it makes sense as they have proven they are a security risk. How many times do we hear about a chinese manufacturer recording or sending data back to chinese servers and all while the user of the device has no clue or never opted in. I believe there was one a couple years ago that had a direct connection made to chinese government servers without the users ok. ...

    This is what it is. they screwed up stupidly, yes, but they did screw up pretty bad. Sucks.

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    • ZTE is going down
    • No, ZTE is going to be rescued
    • No, ZTE is going down
    • No, ZTE is going to be rescued
    • No, ZTE is...

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    I reposted this because it was stuck in a rumor mill I guess and it should not have been!

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    I think admins move threads around. Don't take offense to it.

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    Well I've never heard of this rumor mill period which means they think this is a rumor! You people want the truth ZTE broke sanctions period if they come back they do but odds are if the US Commerce has it way (which it usually does) they won't be! Half of the people if not more only want them to come back for the Oreo update anyhow! That's only because they don't want to void their warranty with a custom ROM but ZTE won't honor those warranties anyhow! They can't use US parts people therefore any warranty for any ZTE device is shot once this ban is done! We all bought ZTE device due to its cheap price and flagship like specs well guess that we now paid the price and this is what we get! Good luck installing your custom ROM people because if you don't you won't get Oreo because no one will drop the beta! Have a good day any admin can close this thread now!

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