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Yesterday, I began receiving system messages warning me that my messaging available storage was low, so I deleted 2/3 of my text messages. I am still receiving those system messages.

Today, I began receiving system messages telling me that my memory didn't have much storage available, so I deleted over 150 pictures. Then I tried to update 6 applications wihich needed approximately 150mb of storage, and even though I have over 400mb of storage available, I am unable to update these 6 applications.

I even went into the system-installed applications that I have no use for and cleared out their data, and that didn't help.

I switched from a BASIC T-mobile LG phone in which I never had to delete pictures or clear data from AND I had almost 300 applications downloaded which updated itself with no issues ever.

I was told that the ZTE was much better than my LG K20 Plus phone, but I am finding out that that is not the case.

There are many system-installed applications that I have no need for, but I have been unable to uninstall them. Because of this, I was barely able to install 10 additional apps of my choosing.

How can I remedy this memory issue?
Is it possible to uninstall applications that came with the phone that do not affect the operation of the phone, like Kindle, Amazon Music, etc.?


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    hi, the Max XL comes with 16GB of onboard storage and it seems to me that you have used up most of the storage. Typically system needs a bit of space and that is why that you will not able to update to those apps without freeing up some space when you have 400mb available.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the carrier device will not let you uninstall some of the built-in apps. Though, you can always try to look into each app that you o not use and see if there is an uninstall option (if so, then you should be able to uninstall them to free up some space, which will not affect the phone's operation).

    Have you look into what is taking up the storage space. if it is pictures, then you could consider uploading them to cloud storage for backup and safe keeping. The MAX XL also supports microSD card as well so you can also use that to storage your photos and music files.

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    I have this same issue. The only difference is that I do have a Micro SD Card installed in which all my pictures, documents & music are saved to by default.

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