Pandora shuts off after 15 min.

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Pandora stops after 15 min. I've read ZTE had an upgrade last year to fix this but I still have the problem. I have turned off all power saving options, cleared the cache and data, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and rebooted a number of times. I read it could be a problem with keeping the app awake. Any suggestions? Besides this issue I love this phone. Thanks.bruce1957


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    What is pandora on this device?

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    Mine does the same.

    I also have the same issue with a GPS/Fitness tracking app (iCardio by Fitdigits). It stops after exactly 15 minutes of inactivity on the phone. Thus, interacting with phone (just unlocking) is enough "reset the clock", but it will stop 15 minutes after putting the phone in my pocket. I also have tried disabling all power-saving measures to no avail. Other similar apps don't seem to have this problem, so there is something in app code that can be written to keep the app awake. But clearly this is a ZTE issue because if it were happening with a lot of other phones, the app code would be re-written.

    I wonder whether it is all V8's or a flaw in particular units, seems like there would be more complaints / discussion if this were happening with all V8's on an app as popular as Pandora.

    I also wonder if this could be related to all the troubles with battery life on recent security updates. Maybe ZTE wrote an effective battery-saving algo but it was too aggressive and shutting down processes that should have been kept running. They tried to correct this problem, but in doing so, killed the battery life because they couldn't figure out how to have it both ways.

    For what it's worth, mine a new phone but still has the Dec 1, 2016 Android security patch level and the Z978V1.0.0818 Build Number. I'm not sure if a new one will eventually be pushed to me automatically, but with all the problems, I'm not sure I want an update.

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    I noticed a year ago when I got my zmax that if I didn't touch the screen every so often it kicked pandora off. What I chose to do was clear the cache and data, nope -- same, so I went a bit farther. I uninstalled it, reboot, reinstall, but I moved it to my card instead of using the internal memory and that worked for me. (Also make sure that if you have a task killer working that you have allowed Pandora to be an exception.)

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    Those of you that have the issues, can I ask what build versions you are running? I've got 2 blade V8 pros in the family, and I can do some testing if needed. Just want to see what build you are on. Thanks!

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