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I have a zte z837vl that hubby did a factory reset on and now can't remember his password, or the google account associated with this phone. I need help!!! Anyone know how to do a frp on this kind of phone? I've youtubed and googled. I've called the carrier, the phone manufacturer, and even tried google home to see if they can help, they couldn't. Anyone please help me!!


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    if you factory reset the phone via recovery, then you must enter the google account credential that was used before you can change to a different account (it's Google's security measure). There is no way to get around that.

    if you have multiple google account, you can try to log into each account on the web browser, then check your recent activity (My account-->device activity). There you should see the phone listed under there. The username and the password for the device should be the same one as the one you used to log into your google account on the web.

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    Yeah, you can using a frp. Just can't figure it out for this model. And he doesnt remember his account for this phone. He has one linked to the number, but not the phone.

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