Battery drain about 12%/hour

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Sooo....My phone with all apps optimized, tinkered with power settings, background data etc etc, a full signal with these things on: wifi, data, gps drains between 10 and 12%/hour doing nothing. I did a factory reset some time ago but I didn't set up as a new phone. Anyway, this sounds like a bit much, right? Should I try a fresh factory reset and set up as new phone? I give it a flip of a coin that it'll work.


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    fresh factory reset and setup as new phone is certainly an option. Though you could first of all try to monitor what app is using all that battery juice. The power management on the phone should give you some idea but i know a lot of people also like to use app such as GSM battery monitor for more detail information.

    From my personal experience, typically after reset, the battery takes a couple of days to settle in. So monitor the battery use and let it settle in for a few days and see if you must do the fresh reset.

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    @bcsydom It is a "flip of the coin", but I would give it a try. A fresh reset has fixed things for me in the past. Good Luck and let us know the outcome.

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    Doing a factory reset and setting up as fresh as of this writing, will come back in a day or so with an update. Btw, before the reset, surfing and youtubing about 10m of video drew a whopping 25% battery.

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    I've been suddenly experiencing the same issue for maybe two weeks now. I'm curious to hear the results of the factory reset.

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    I've been experiencing that, as well as other charging/draining issues in the last couple of weeks. When I get to the low 20's, it then goes to 0% and powers off a few seconds later.

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    When it shuts off, try turning it back on and going directly to the recovery menu by holding Volume up + the power button. Then leave it on that screen until it shuts off again, then charge the device fully to 100% before disconnecting the charger.

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    You can install a CPU monitor app, like

    At the CPU frequencies tab, you should have a Deep Sleep percentage usually higher that 50%.
    If it is 0%, you have a rogue app.

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    Lots of great advice in this thread. Thank you everyone!

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    UPDATE 5/30/2018:
    So, I did the factory reset and set up the phone as new device. All the tinkering you can do with apps settings is basically the same as before the reset.

    Now I can be on the phone, surfing, watching videos etc and the drain is somewhere around 6%/ hour doing something, not 12% doing nothing.

    Observation: Wifi calling seem to be bugging out, a lot, rendering it unusable in terms of battery drain, it keeps waking the phone up hundreds of times during night time.

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    Thanks for the update on the results of the factory reset. The dramatic battery drain seems to have automatically resolved on its own for now. I agree that turning off wifi seems to help a lot and does not seem to operate efficiently. According to the battery usage stats on my device the RF Signal seems to be suprisingly significant.

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    edited June 13, 2018 4:32AM

    You know, i got the same issue two weeks ago. I made factory reset, but battery drain is also exists on clean device, without simcards, wifi and other connectives. Device eating battery in standby mode (RF Signal is top consumer), it's really strange...
    Will try how it act in airplane mode

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    Thanks for the tips.

    So in my case problem were solved after flashing B32 firmware. It looks like some bug in modem (that occurred after some time of normal use - about 6-7 month), that can be resolved only after reflashing device, because factory reset doesn't help for me in this case.

  • aprilfoolaprilfool CanadaPosts: 51 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @razor512 said:
    When it shuts off, try turning it back on and going directly to the recovery menu by holding Volume up + the power button. Then leave it on that screen until it shuts off again, then charge the device fully to 100% before disconnecting the charger.

    Interesting! Off topic just a bit. I do similar on my Win PC. In an attempt to drain the battery as much as I know how, I boot into the comp's bios and leave it to shut off on its own.

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    What Axon you have? 7 mini or 7?
    What os stock or custom?
    Try to install busybox( works for me after i try different thing) , reset battery record , restart and charge fully from 1 to 100%
    Tell me if help you.

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    Some time ago.. I had a thread about fast battery drainage.. 4~6 months ago maybe. Ended up sending mine in (Axon-7) for warranty repair. And, somewhere , I read something about the charge port controller drawing around 300% more power then it was supposed to, Or something similar to that. And, I think that was what was changed in mine, and is back to how it should be now.

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