How to fix ZTE axon 7 mini stuck on boot screen

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Hi, I brought a ZTE axon 7 mini a few months ago. So one day I decided to root it
And installed TWRP and all that. Then I went to install supersu and it said done.then I rebooted the phone but it was Stuck on ZTE logo. I can enter TWRP but I can't do much. All I can really do is format the data but that didn't work. And then today I was looking around in TWRP and I went into the file manager and I saw folders root and supersu. I tried deleting them but when I would reboot the phone into TWRP they would come back. Can anybody help me out with this? Thank you

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    Look in twrp in internal memory and see if you have any folder, if not you format everything( maybe that is the reason why not go to next step).
    !!!!!!! Very important: make sure you have unlocked bootloader.
    If you have folder in internal memory and unlocked bootloader try to flash new boot.img for your version(ex.: b12 or b14) with variety removed.
    That's should help you.


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    If you follow the guide for rooting carefully then you should rooted the phone successfully. After you have rooted the device and install the TWRP, you would need to flash the rom that you want to install.

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    Yes I tried to install the super su but when it said finished installing it rebooted and it was stuck on the ZTE boot screen

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    You can't root Axon mini7..only big brother Axon 7 can be rooted.

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    no, not supersu, rather, you need to install ROM image. Since rooting and installing custom rom voids the warranty, you would have to be careful as if not done correctly, it can render the phone useless. I would suggest you check XDA for more information.

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    Thank you overkill
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