Axon 7 Mini :: ? Clean Secure OS Replacement

MyhrddinMyhrddin United StatesPosts: 15 ✭✭✭✭✭

I've liked the Axon 7 Mini I've been using for a good while now.. However, in light of everything that's gone down, I would like to find out about the ability to install a replacement OS on it that would definitely keep it's business to itself. Is there an OS out there for it that would bring it up-to-date and be secure.? Currently, it has Android 7.1.1 installed but, the last security patch was 1 Sept 2017. It can't connect with any server to even check for an update and returns an error message of "Network unavailable" any time I let it look for a System Update.
It states that it can install from either an online source or from files on a MicroSD card.
It'd be nice to be able to feel it's running a system with more recent patches & bug fixes, etc.
..trying to remain optimistic about it a little while longer before trying to find another phone with front-facing stereo speakers in addition to all it's other perks without having to mortgage my neighbor's home to get it.! ;-)


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    What's wrong with the software on it now other than being paranoid about rumors? If you want constant and frequent security updates, then you'll have to buy an expensive new device, then keep doing that every year or two depending on which device you get.

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    You make a good point, or several, DopplegangerD. And, it's very ingrained in me to buck that "contract system".. makes me shiver to even think about going down that road, ever again. It'd be nice if the security patches Google releases could be installed right from the Play Store without having to depend upon each manufacturer to dole them out as they please & to whatever devices they pick and when. And, the recent newsplay regarding ZTE has been at the heart of my concerns, along with not really knowing how secure my phone is at it's heart. I do keep TrendMicro on it like on my PCs, etc. but, it would be good to know that it is maybe more secure than it feels like.

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    Google Android is not an Green company....It is a very energy waste company loved by economists. More throw away phones , more money.

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