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i have the ZTE Max Duo LTE CDMA (Z963VL), and i have been having performance issues with my device. as it forces a reboot on the device, it also takes a full half hour just to load back up and re-optimize applications. i do believe that an update from Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop) to Android Nougat (7.0.1) would help with the performance issues and the frequent rebooting on the device along with outher issues: the status bar and the notification dropdown has issues in landscape mode, the lockscreen lags out and frequently is touchy on the emergency dialer button located on the main lockscreen area, camera application needs to have a slight improvement, dialer and recieving phone calls lag out and delay. many features seen in nougat would benefit on this device, as it does have an Octa-Core processor and it has the capability for this device to run it. the features that would benefit on this device are: Doze Mode, Multi-window, the option to have a 5x5 or a 6x6 pattern lock, an improved settings app, and the redesigned dialer. although this is the normal ZTE Community, i know there are many other people with this device who have at least a few of these issues and would love to see some of these features on this device. the only way to really apply the device update is by a manual OEM recovery update via the 'apply update via sdcard' or 'apply update via sideload' selection in the android recovery. (i have worked on many phones so i know the difference within the button presses) the way the OEM has to do this is by making it a certified ZTE OEM update in the form of a .zip file to be applied into the system. when applied to the system without using a computer, put the file in the root directory (just put it in your downloads folder) on your SD Card and then reboot into your recovery (in this case, power+Volume Down will boot into standard android recovery as there is no TeamWin or CWM for this device). after you do that, select the 'apply update via sdcard' menu and go to your downloads folder using your volume buttons and use your power button to select. when it says are you sure you would like to apply this update, select yes (in the many NO selections) and it will work this magic. if it comes with an error, message ZTE to work on a quick fix for the issue and try again. it would be nice to see ZTE Release the update for this device and re-enable OEM updates (seeming the device's updating capabilities are disabled by straight talk/tracfone) so this device can stay updated and it can run without performance issues. again, i get others can read this, and i hope the community agrees for this device to get the update to Android Nougat (7.0.1).

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    Welcome to the community @Adoven_Gamer we appreciate your feedback, with carrier devices however the updates are controlled 100% by the carrier. Since the carrier has to test each update and this is an expensive under taking most prepaid phones dont end up getting updates.

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    Where do I get the .zip file from

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