Axon 7 dies on battery or AC power

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For the last 2 weeks my Axon 7 has been dying very frequently whether running on the battery or on AC power (sometimes every 2 to 10 minutes, sometimes it might go 20 minutes or an hour before dying). The problem is occurring more frequently as time passes. It happens more frequently when it is on battery power and the battery is below 50%, but it also happens when it is on AC power and fully charged. When it dies, the charge frequently drops to zero or almost zero, but not always. Sometimes it may only drop 15% or so. I know that my battery is getting very weak (I have had the phone about 2.5 years). It can run down in 1 to 2 hours. Could the weak battery be causing the problem? I really don't want to buy a new battery if it is probably a hardware issue that I might not be able to get repaired due to ZTE's problems now. I have included some screen shots of my power management reports to help some really knowledgeable person diagnose the problem and point me towards a cure hopefully. Thanks!


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    The next time it dies, I recommend turning the device back on and leaving it in the recovery menu.

    To get to the recovery menu after the device has shut off, press and hold the volume up button + the power button. Once you see the initial ZTE logo appear, you can release the power button, but continue to hold the volume up button.

    After that, you can then leave it in the recovery menu until the battery fully drains. That should cause the device to re-calibrate the battery.

    Once the battery is drained to its actual shutoff point, charge the battery to 100% before disconnecting the charger.

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    Many thanks razor512! (Of course it is going to be razor512 to the rescue! That's what he does!). I will give that a try. Do I definitely have to wait until the problem occurs again to start the phone in recovery mode or could I just turn it off and start it up in recovery mode?

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    I recommend waiting until the battery is very low, since when in that recovery menu, CPU is largely idle and there is no GPU acceleration thus overall power draw is very low. If the battery has a lot of power, it could take well over a day for it to drain the battery, that can also risk screen burn-in, thus it is best to wait until it reaches a point where Android wants to shut the device off, and then have the recovery menu drain the rest.

    Android on its own, will not take the battery down to a true effective 0% mark as li-ion batteries do not like to be deep cycled, but on rare occasion it is needed if the battery calibration is lost or becomes inaccurate.

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    Many thanks again razor512! I love your answers for their detailed instructions and the reasons behind them.

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    mr.moonshine, I would like to add a few clarifications regarding the battery re-calibration process. Keep your cell on until the battery dies (0%). Start the device and activate the recovery menu, as described by razor512, and keep-it there until the battery dies again. Plug the charger and DO NOT turn your cell on. After the battery shows charged 100%, keep the charger on at least half hour more. Turn the cell on. Keep the charger an other half hour more.

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    Mr.moonshine, I had the same problem so, I wanted to know the results. Did it work?. My phone was charged to 86%,it dropped to 1%. I followed the same steps, it seems that the battery it holds, but my concern like razor512 said "it could take well over a day for it to drain the battery, that can also risk screen burn-in,"

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    this happened to me also. I have a 7 mini. I unplugged the battery, thinking I would replace it. Then I decided not to attempt that task, so I replugged the battery. After that, I read an answer to a question similar to yours, that suggested unpluggin the battery completely, i.e. removing all attachments. I did not go so far. However when the battery was re attached, it charged completely and the phone has worked fine. That episode was last May or June. So, I don't know why this happened, but it fixed the problem.

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