Axon 7 Issues - App Start Hanging, False Battery Levels (A2017U) (B35) (Dec security update)

I used this phone for a long time with little to no issues. I recently went to something else and gave it to my wife. Phone was wiped and her account was used. Sometime after the setup the Dec security update came in. I'm not 100% sure if the issues happened after the update or started before.


Apps won't start, they just hang on a black screen. Stopping, force closing, cache deletion, re-install don't work. A reboot will work for a bit but the issue happens again. Not specific to any app, issue rotates around most apps she uses.

Battery will be in the top 3/4 ie 80%. A while later (within an hour) the phone will be off and show 6% when started. Then a reboot it will show 1% and turn off again. Plugging it in for a second will make it show 70+ % and it will be fine again?

I have not done a factory reset yet but it's the last step if there are no obvious ideas from you people in the know, it's been a bit so I'm outta the loop.

Thanks in advance.


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    Sounds like either the hardware may be failing or the phone just needs to be reset. When you have multiple issues like this, that is usually the solution. Another issue could be a rogue app or corrupted rom, but hopefully the reset may fix that too.

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    Today I updated my Axon 7 (A2017U) from B32 to B35 and now multiple apps have stopped working including Instagram and Spotify. When I open they will only load a blank screen on the start up and automatically crashes after a while. Any idea how do I fix it??

    Update: Upon uninstalling and reinstalling the apps they have been running normally again : )

    Garry Joshi

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    Since the updates tend to not do this process on its own, it is usually best to clear both the app cache and the cache partition after a ROM update.

    To clear both, do the following:

    1. Click on "Advanced settings".
    2. Click on "Storage".
    3. Click on "Phone memory".
    4. Click on "Cached data".
    5. Click on "OK" (You may have to repeat steps 4 and 5 if it does not fully clear the cache on the first attempt).

    After that is done, press and hold power button for about 5 seconds to bring up the power menu, after that, do the following:

    1. Click on "Restart".
    2. As soon as the screen goes black, press and hold the volume up button
    3. Keep the volume up button held until the Android recovery menu appears.
    4. Now using the volume control buttons, scroll down to "Wipe cache partition".
    5. Press the power button 1 time to select the option.
    6. Use the volume control buttons again to select "Yes".
    7. Press the power button again to confirm. It should then clear the cache partition.
    8. When it is done, it will automatically take you back to the main screen with "Reboot system now" selected.
    9. Simply press the power button to select that option to reboot the system.
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    One troubleshooting step that is effective in situations with the battery percentage, is doing a deep cycle of the battery.

    To do this, run the device until the battery drops to 0% battery and automatically shuts down.

    After that, turn the device back while pressing and holding the volume up button.

    Once the recovery menu comes up, leave the device on that screen until it shuts off again (this should bring the battery down to actual 0% mark instead of the 0% in android which actually reserves some battery capacity to stay far away from the true deep cycle point of the battery.

    After that is done, leave the device off, connect the charger, and let it charge to 100% with android not booted.
    Next, boot into android, and then disconnect, and then reconnect the charger again, and let it charge for a while longer since in cases like this, the battery can still charge for a while longer as the device finds a new 0% and 100% point for the battery.

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    @jimlloyd40 said:
    I would wipe the cache partition in recovery. If that doesn't fix it then another factory reset. After you reset it and gave it to your wife she only installed apps from the Play Store correct? Also when you factory reset it did your wife set it up as a new device?

    Yes only apps from the playstore, Google just restored the phone from her previous. It was setup as a new device, my account does not exist on it.

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    I've just done the cache clears again, within android and from recovery. We'll try the battery fix after a few days, freaks me out though, some devices don't like to have their batteries go that dead.

    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. It'll be nice if this could be stable once again, it's too soon for it to be having hardware issues.

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    A lot of phones have had trouble with B35... mine included. It was great till I updated the firmware. First the battery started draining more quickly. Then it started shutting down with even 60% or more battery life if the phone rang, or I tried to open up text messaging, etc. (unless the phone was plugged in.) At this point the phone is pretty much useless. I have cleared cache, taken it back to B32, then B19. It's like something in the new software overloaded the chip and now the least thing overloads it, and the phone crashes. I loved my ZTE until B35! Never again...

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    I am having the same issue after updating to the newest release. I've factory reset the phone and the problem still persists. It'll shut off at 40%, and yesterday and today at 60 and 70%. I'll try to start it and it'll die again. But when I plug in the charger it says it's still at the higher percentage.

    Everything was fine until I updated it, and since it's increasingly gotten worse. Did the update cause this?

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