Axon 9 at IFA 2018?

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Some tech news sites are speculating ZTE may show off the Axon 9 at the upcoming IFA event, the next big mobile trade show. There is no doubt ZTE is working on the next version of a Axon device, but given they lost a few months time of development and R and D work, perhaps they might have something to share, but it's all speculative at this point. The evidence of a HTML 5 test on some server doesn't give me any hope they are beyond testing and ready for launch yet.

My Axon 7 2 year passport warranty finally is expiring in the middle of next week. Would be good to have some sort of news soon out of ZTE. If it weren't for the ban, it would have been nice for them to get the Axon 9 out before the first Axon 7 warranties start expiring.


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    @jasonscarter It would be great if those sites are right. I will believe it when I see it. Hopefully we will hear something soon as to what to expect.

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    I hope for a successor to the AXON 7. I really hope the camera is better this time. I saw some specs saying that it will record 1080p at 30 frames a second. I hope this is not true. 120 frames a second at 1080 is the norm now for superior devices. What appealed to me with the axon 7 was how it compared to superior devices at the time. The camera on paper looked amazing but the reality was a let-down. If ZTE can get a camera that is similar to Samsung, Pixel, or Apple cameras, then they will really get a lot more attention. All other things being the same, the A7 is still an awesome and powerful device. I brag about it all the time. I thought about posting a video about it on my youtube channel (Foust Mob) but the camera really held me back.

  • mrjlwilliamsmrjlwilliams CEO United StatesPosts: 475 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    If there is a follow up, and it's called the Axon 9...I'd be shocked. The Axon name carries some weight for those who have the current Axon devices, because there are REALLY good. Let's hope ZTE does have something nice cooking up for us.

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    Hoping that the Axon line continues! Good to see rumors now anyway!

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    I am with you guys I really hope we get another flagship type device.

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