Top Speaker failure

I've had a search and only found 2 posts with no responses or follow ups to them. I bought my phone April 17 but only actually started using it around May '18 for various reasons. Long story short as generally i've encountered lots of issues with the phone and am not happy with it (freezing, unresponsive finger print/power button for minutes, unuseable when it goes below 15% battery despite power saving turned off).

Now the top speaker has failed, i can only take calls on speaker phone and all audio comes out the bottom, wiped cache partition, played with sound settings etc to no avail, also the bootup sound comes only from bottom so i cant see factory reset helping as ZTE support suggests. Has anyone had this and fixed it or is it a broken wire or driver or something and no way except sending it back? I have another phone I can use, not sure if it's worth going for the advance exchange and being given a poor quality refurbed phone in exchange for mine which is in brand new condition...?


  • razor512razor512 United StatesPosts: 2,639 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    For the top speaker, it uses spring contacts to connect with the main PCB. Sometimes strange issues can be fixed with a factory reset, and it works well as a last resort, especially since if dong an RMA, you will have to factory reset anyway.

    With stereo speaker setups, they will typically have a stereo amplifier that can drive both speakers, thus if 1 speaker stops working, then it could either be a software issue, or signal one in the form of either a poor connection, or if exposed to water, then a corroded contact.

    If the issue remains after a factory reset, then there is pretty much no other option than to do an RMA.

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    Factory reset hasn't fixed it, looks like it's going back. Good job I kept my Oneplus One which still works...

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