Traveling abroad any Sim tips?

As titles says I'm going to be studying abroad for a gap year and was wondering if there was anything I need to do to make sure my phone works on the other country's cellular bands, I already have a new sim card for the trip but I was wondering unlocking wise I have an a2017u I bought from Newegg last year


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    What an awesome news! I wish you have a great experience. Be sure to take tons of picture with Axon and share with us.

    Axon bought in the US should be sim unlocked so it will be able to use any SIM without any problem.

    It really depends on the network band of the carrier/country that you would be going. You can check Axon 7's specs to see if the carrier you would be using supports the band. Typically, as long as the carrier uses GSM network, the phone should work on 3G network for voice and data. It is hard to guarantee LTE as there are tons of bands and each carrier different bands. You can try use this site to give you some idea.

    One little note, depending on the country that you would be going, be sure to also check the power requirement as some countries uses different power outlet than US. You may need an adapter or just rely on your PC's USB port to charge the phone.

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    I used Axon 7 in several countries in Europe (Germany, France, Romania, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, UK) and it worked without any problem. The charger works 110 - 240V and 50/60 Hz, you need just a plug adapter depending the country you're going to.

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