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Ok so backstory, bought the Axon 7 in April 2017 to replace my Oneplus One which was great but had a few small issues plus I really needed a dual sim phone. My Oneplus One just kept going fine after a reset so stuck with it and didn't actually switch to the Axon until May this year. I updated it to the latest firmware and just experienced endless problems with it as follows:

  1. Screen just wouldn't wake up via power or fingerprint, you could have to wait a minute or so sometimes, then the lock pattern wouldnt come up, this happened all the time, it was so insanely slow to come alive, even after it did, you could lock it and it'd do the same again.

  2. It'd randomly lock itself, you could be doing anything and it'd go black and you'd have to wake it up often to this minute long freeze.

  3. I couldn't disable the data, the icon or going into dual sim settings and disabling data just didn't work, 4G/LTE just remains in the top bar and your data is still active, ridiculous on a dual sim phone, only way to disable the data was disable the entire sim.

4.Wifi hotspot constantly stops working, it remains active but whatever was connected to it loses internet and you have to shut down hotspot and restart it to get it back.

  1. I travel for a living in USA and Canada so dual sim is a must, it also means i'm constantly switching networks, if I search for a network it takes FOREVER, im talking 3-6 minutes and then it shows every network as "null AT&T" and you can't work out if you can connect to them or not you just have to try each one and then search again between each attempt.

6 and Final : The top speaker stopped working so I could only get audio from the bottom speaker and phonecalls had to be done in speakerphone as the top speaker is your earpiece....this was the final failure which meant I had to send it back to ZTE because it junk. I did the advance replace and got what appears to be a brand new phone but it's impossible to tell. This happened after only 4 months of using it!

Now to today, I have the 'new' phone, firmware is up to date as it came B.35. The top speaker works but EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM that I had with my original phone listed above is exactly the same on the new one plus i've got a new one in that randomly i'll lose both sims, the device goes black then comes back on and the sims come back. It's clearly not that I just had a bad phone it appears the ZTE Axon 7 is junk. Searching doesn't seem to reveal any of these problems yet it's two phones in a row..... i'm going to be contacting ZTE again to see if I can just get some kind of refund credit but I doubt it after this long. I avoided the new Oneplus because of the prices and the 1080p display but I wish to god i'd stuck with them.


  • razor512razor512 United StatesPosts: 2,683 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Do you have a micro SD card installed in the device? A bad SD card will cause the issues with the long wait times when waking the device, as well as random hangs since the device will struggle to create those basic android folders on the card.

    Also, if replacing a device due to what could be software issues, do not restore a google backup, instead manually reinstall your apps. This is because of the way google backs up system settings, it can end up backing up corrupt config files, and thus restore issues you previously had. Because of this behavior with google's backups, it is best to set the device up as a new one without restoring any google backups.

    If you have a micro SD card, and it turns out to be bad, keep in mind that most micro SD cards carry a 10+ year warranty.

  • KioKio CanadaPosts: 9 ✭✭

    Hi, i don't use an SD card in the phone, i'm using 2 sim cards. On my searches I found my issue described but it only referred to the SD card problems you mention, for some reason I can't see why i'm getting it with 2 sims, or does nobody use it as a dual sim phone?

    I also don't use google backups, I installs apps from play fresh, the only thing I restore from a backup is whatsapp chat history excluding media, so this contains no configurations, it's a clean slate.

  • KioKio CanadaPosts: 9 ✭✭

    Why is it that nobody else has this issue where they can't disable the data? Even with one sim card, I cannot disable data using the toggles.

  • samsamhasamsamha United StatesPosts: 2,363 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    hi, sorry for your trouble. I have not seen the issue you are experience though I also do not use dual sims with my phone.

    I wonder have you try to test with just 1 sim to see if the problems you are facing can be related to the sim cards? Or one of the sim slots?

    Who are your carriers?

    If you can, try to take 1 of the sim out and just have 1 sim in the primary sim slot and see if your problems went away. if it does, then put the 2nd sim in the same primary slot and test. if no problems on primary slot, then try them one at time in the 2nd slot.

  • KioKio CanadaPosts: 9 ✭✭

    So, i've had my 2nd sim card out of the phone for a few days to see if it stops this wake up lag issue i always have, seeing as people complain about it when there's an SD in. So far, I haven't had it but i'm still testing it to make sure it's really stopped doing it. If it has solved it then i'm not sure what conclusion to make other than using 2 sims causes the phone to do this and there's no solution because that's two consecutive phones with the same issue, it can't be a faulty sim slot, both these sims work on in my Oneplus One.

    I can't really test my 2nd sim in the primary slot and leave the other sim out because this lagging issue is sporadic and i'd basically need to carry around a second phone but use this one constantly with the 2nd sim in (which is a receive only sim because it's permanently roaming).

    The other issue of not being able to turn off data, now my primary sim is also permanently roaming at the moment because it's a USA sim and i'm in Canada, if I disable data it doesn't disable it but if I disable roaming it does, i'm wondering if that indicates it's a glitch in the software that's preventing me disabling it while roaming, i'd have to go into the US to check that though, that won't be for a week or so.

    My networks are Cricket (AT&T) and Three (UK), both operate on GSM.

    Is there nobody that uses these phones with dual sims to know if having a 2nd sim causes this lag?

  • hollaphollap United StatesPosts: 8,377 ✭✭✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Have you verified that the APNs are correct for both Cricket and Three? I don't use dual SIMs myself, but many others do with this phone and don't seem to have the same issues you are reporting.

  • KioKio CanadaPosts: 9 ✭✭

    The APN information is exactly fine as per my old phone and the provider's websites, there is no data service on the Three sim anyway because it's roaming and i'm using it to receive only, data is permanently disabled on sim 2 via unchecking roaming.

    I've contacted ZTE support again and it\s like talking to a brick wall, all you get is generic responses of try a factory reset, start a new warranty replacement. Well I can't do that because nearly a month after receiving the replacement ZTE Canada still hasn't taken the hold off my credit card for the advance exchange, that's a seperate battle i'm having. I'll never touch a ZTE device ever again after this.

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