Live in Atlanta Georgia, Have Axon 7, Outside of 2 year Passport, Anybody have a repair recommend?

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I have mentioned my issues with my A7 in several places here, and in those places I mentioned I was willing to deal with it, until I can't. Now I really can't any more. There are allot of new phones coming out this fall and unless something happens, I can't afford any of them probably if I want to stick with A7 style flagship specs). The most affordable of far (as to what has already been released) of the modern flagship specked phones is the Asus 5Z and that is not in the cards right now.

I figure if it is not to expensive, I can get my phone repaired, see what ZTE brings to the US later on in the year and make a decision then. If I get my phone repaired, it will be working as good as new.

Here is what is going on. 2 things.

1) The battery depletes very quickly and doesn't last as long as it used to.
As examples.
I could have my phone off and charged to 100%. Turn it on and next thing I know I am already at 84%.
I could be live chat with somebody lets say Google chats and my phone is at lets say 85%. 45 minutes later my phone is at
50% or less battery.
I have run apps to collaborate the battery, but they don't change things much. I have also run a battery health check app and it claims the battery is good.

So my battery being over 2 years old, is it time to replace it?

2) The USB-C charging port is pushed in. It is hard to get any charger original or not to stay in place and when it does it slow charges. With the phone off it takes 6-8 hours from empty to 100% and when on forget it. WE are talking double or triple the time. In 6 hours with the phone on, In got the phone charging from 1% to Maybe 16%. That is why I never charge it with the phone on unless I need to have it on for emergencies. But the amount of times I turn the phone off to charge it, people can not get ahold of me except via email on my computer.
I can see USB-C port pushed in and not even be straight. It is definitely not getting fast charging voltage/Amperage. I am surprised my phone charges at all. But it does,

So I ask the community. I know most of you are not from where I am, but any thoughts on the above and any suggestions to get this phone repaired where I am not without a phone mailing it in somewhere for 7-10 days or so?

Again I assume I just need the USB-C port reseated to get the right voltage/amperage again for fast charging whether the phone is on or off, and I assume the battery needs replacing to get the battery charging and depleting like when I 1st bought this phone over 2 years ago which I could go over 10-12 hours to even 2 days before I get even close to 15% as now it is like 6 -8 hours or less.

I love this phone (despite being 2 years old and missing some modern phone features (Wireless Charging, bigger screen, etc.)), and the specs being 2 years old) and I plan to keep it as long as it works for me or I have to upgrade. Despite the A9 out, even though there has not been a update in a while and 2 years has passed, seams ZTE is still supporting this phone and while there is no official announcement from ZTE this phone will get some version of Android Orea at least with the ZTE toned down skin/launcher on top and close to latest security/bug fixes. I know the 7 won't get Pie or even 8.1 if the update is 8.0 but that is fine by me.

Thanks to everyone here who participates in this discussion.


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    Welcome to the 2-year club!

    You can easily replace the battery yourself by just following iFixit Instructions or JerryRigsEverything Youtube channel. The battery will cost around $20

    A USB C port is only like $5 which you can get in eBay. Alternatively, you can still call ZTE for support for any options.

    Or if your carrier is Sprint, you can try and get the Moto Z2 Force for $120.

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    Thanks @saeedted. I wish I was as good with phones to open them myself and fix everything by hand :(. My carrier is Cricket and I don't want a older phone to be honest like the Z2. IfI was going a Motorola route, I would save up and get a Z3, but even that is not as premium as a A7 was when new back in the day. Again, either I am going to save up $$$ and buy a current flagship phone whether it be a phone already announced or a phone to be announced this fall like whatever ZTE decides to bring to the US ala A9/A9 Pro. Thanks for welcoming to the 2 year club. I am actually over the 2 year club. So My passport 2.0 is done. I doubt ZTE will do anything unless I want to pay for a (???) refurbished model if they have any as an exchange even if they still were to do that after my 2.0 passport is expired. I did the (???) thing because I have heard mixed stories from people here whom have done that and sometimes their refurbished is ok, and other times people have had so many issues it wasn't worth it. More the latter than the former. I have no problem outsourcing the parts myself if it saves $$$ it's just finding somewhere to install them on this phone that is the issue. Battery I probably need for sure. USB port? I don't know if I need to replace it or just re-seat it as far as getting a charger to fit properly and get the phone fast charging again. For all I know the port being pushed in a bit could have easily damaged something else to get fast charging going again. That is why I want a professional to take a look not just very technical but amateur me. LOL. Thanks for the comments and again for welcoming me into the 2 year club. Despite my issues, other than my ZTE Grand X Max+ which I upgraded to the A7 because it was slow and I literally outgrew it spec. wise *which was over a year into owning the phone), this is the longest I have owned any one phone without completely crapping out on me where I would have to replace it now vs. no phone at all.

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    The Axon 7 is also the longest I've ever kept for as well.

    If your need for a new smartphone is great, dont feel like you have to save $500 for the Asus Zenfone, there are great phones for cheap like the Xiaomi Mi A2 or the Essential phone that you can get used for around $200. I would be cautious finding a technician like the ones in the mall to do any work on the phone if that is the case I would call ZTE support and see what the charge to actually repair the phone if possible.

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