Any others? Since Aug 2018 ATT update Launching Camera causes Axon M to reboot & Missing SIM.

techman_hou_Axon_Mtechman_hou_Axon_M United StatesPosts: 8 ✭✭

This behavior started after the ATT update was applied a week or so ago (early Aug 2018). Does not seem to matter which screen button path is used to launch the camera (side quick launch button is set to Clock). Occasionally the Camera is then 'active' upon the completion of reboot- but not always 100% usable - will often cause a reboot again once an attempt to open camera App screen (bottom square button selections).

In addition I am now seeing a SIM Card missing notification, but only since that Aug 2018 ATT update. Will check the phone to see is SIM Card was jarred loose in a drop since that update (I have case and phone has only been dropped a couple of feet- ever).

Both issues may be interconnected and eventually clear up, but issue(s) returns just as easily with no apparent rhyme or reason (typically phone is used indoors & on or off charger). I am also wondering if this behavior is a heat or moisture issue (very hot and humid now on Texas Gulf Coast). I do not recall adding any new Apps, since that ATT Aug 2018 update. But a lot of the Apps themselves seem to update every few weeks, so could be an App related issue causing reboot upon selection of Camera.


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    hi, sorry about your trouble.

    Are you using sd card? if so, maybe that could have cause the problem. Try to maybe take the card out and test. There has not been a lot of people reporting this issue since the software update so it is probably not due to the software update (though others can weigh in and if it's a software problem, then maybe ZTE can rely back to ATT to get it fixed).

    Maybe try to also clear the cache (
    1-power down the phone completely.
    2-Then hold the power and volume up button together and when the phone boots, release the power button while still holding the volume up to go into recovery.
    3-Then use up and down arrow to navigate to "wipe cache partition" and power to select.

  • techman_hou_Axon_Mtechman_hou_Axon_M United StatesPosts: 8 ✭✭

    Thanks. I did get the cache cleared. I also took off the phone case/protector and noticed it had some grit collected near edges of screens. Possibly that was causing the issue.

    Cleaned up that grit also. Will report back.

  • BlaineCobbanBlaineCobban United StatesPosts: 2 ✭✭✭

    No! I don't have any of those problems..but whenever I open the camera from the lock screen, it opens UPSIDE DOWN. It's so annoying. I have to unlock the phone, navigate to the camera app, and SOMETIMES it does the same thing! It's so annoying! I used to take pictures all the time on my iPhone, now I hardly even take screenshots. 🙄

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