Why buy ZTE now?

After buying this piece of crap ZTE loses rights now I have a worthless phone!! Freezes, over heats.. quite possibly the worst phone on the market!! Makers need to just quit!! Let the pros make phones!!


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    If you purchased the device rather recently it has a 1yr manufacturer warranty, and I think a 14 day return window at the store you bought the device from. Good luck!

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    So sorry to hear about your trouble. I happen to have used the phone and for what it is selling, I think it offers good screen and decent performance. I have not seen major issue with it on my unit that you have mentioned.

    Have you try to maybe try to see if there is an app that is causing the phone to overheats and freezes? I know it's a pain but maybe do a factory reset just in case it's a software issue.

    If it's a hardware issue, maybe you can the store that you bought it from (since it's a carrier branded device, they offer warranty support) and get the device repaired or replaced.

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    Hi everybody! I'm new, but just want to say I LOVE MY ZTE BLADE Z!!! I mean I have had my phone overheat, but that's because I play a lot of games on it. I have so many apps on my phone and they work with no problem. I really love my phone - it has the best cameras - double, takes better pictures than any iPhone, Galaxy, LG, etc. I wouldn't give my phone up for anybody!! I watch movies, videos; I record and the videos are so sharp!! For the people who are having problems with their phone - maybe you can try resetting the phones through the factory restore. I've had a similar problem with my first ZTE MAX Pro and it worked fine afterwards.

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    Glad you love the BZM @sequita58 !!

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