Recovering from wet phone

Hi all, own an axon 7 which was submerged in saltwater for about a minute or so. When i discovered it the rear light/flashlight was on/pulsing and I couldnt turn the phone on or do anything. I drove home and the phone was just hot with the light on until i think it completely died.

I pulled the battery out and dried it a little with a paper towel and a heat gun, then I let it sit open over night to dry. I ordered a new battery and have i stalled it and get nothing.

Is there any way I can try to pull the data off the hard drive? Anyway I can maybe pull the mother board and hook it up to so ething that may read it? Or os this a total loss?

Has anyone recevered data from an issue like this?


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    Almost all modern phone has the storage soldered onto the mainboard. Thus, it is almost impossible to recover the data once the board has died. There is a possibility to remove the NAND chip from the broken phone and solder it in a working phone to recovery data but that is going to be a big job.

    Have you try to connect the phone to the PC to see if the computer can recognize it? if the computer can see it, then maybe there is still a chance to recovery data from it. But if that still does not work, then I am afraid that the data maybe lost.

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    Thx all. Yes nothing happens when I plug it in to my pc via usb. Any diagrams or anything I can look at to determine where this NAND chip is? I may try this after trying the above alcohol solution.

    As for now I will tear it down and let it dry some more.

    Thanks in advance

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    One area where I do not have much info on, is how ZTE does their NAND security. Some devices may store the encryption keys on a separate part of the device, (sometimes as part of the main SOC), in such a case, even if you do get a hot air station and desolder the NAND package, and then solder it to a new device, the contents of the NAND may be unreadable.

    Even if the device is not listed as being encrypted, the storage controllers typically encrypt the data, e.g., on a desktop PC, even if the data is readable with no special passwords, the data on the NAND will still be encrypted.

    This is done for more rapid resetting of the SSD and not having to worry about spare sectors on the NAND that can get used during normal wear leveling, they can instead just wipe the encryption keys and generate new ones to prevent data recovery software from finding anything after the drive is formatted, since data is encrypted from day one.

    Beyond that, making sure everything is dry, especially under the RF cans which can hold moisture can help in restoring functionality of the device.

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    Well that’s depressing news. I guess i will pull the battery again and try the alcohol then let it air dry with some hear gun use in between.

    So there’s no way to connect the drive or motherboard to another device to be read? I was really hoping i could pull the hard drive and connect to some other device. Soldering to another motherboard sounded great.

    If i did solder it, is there some kind of software i could use to decrypt the data?

    Thx again

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    edited September 29, 2018 8:24PM

    Anyone know anything about this easy jtag tool?

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    Not sure if there is any information provided about what would be a JTAG pinout for the Axon 7.

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    Yea it doesnt support the axon 7. Upon initial search it looked like it did, but the specs dont show the phone listed. It would be great to find something like that to pull the data off the phone. Figured id dig a bit until the phone dries.

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