Battery Life Cycle?

When i turn on the projector, a pop up message says that the "battery life cycle limit has been reached" and i need to  call sfter-sale service to change to a new battery.

The battery on the device is working GREAT. It works while plugged in, it works when its not plugged in. If i dont use the projector, battery lasts more than a day without a charge, and on idle, the battery lasts 9 days without a charge. It doesnt seem to me that the battery is failing.

I emailed support FOUR MONTHS AGO, and they told me they would send my issue to technical department and i'll get a reply from them. I GOT NOTHING. I called ZTE numerous times, they had no solution for me and they also hung up on me after explaining my issue. I am a patient person, but it seems to me that this might be the first and the last ZTE product i will ever buy unless i get a solution to this.



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    ​ Hello, and Welcome to Z-Community. Can you please tell me which model and build your device is, also if you remember your purchase date.  Can you  please send me a direct message(you will need to follow me first) with your contact information so that we can look into this further for you. Thank you.

  • I should have mentioned this. I apologize. When i wrote the first post, it was 4am where i lived. I left out a big part of the problem.

    The pop up message i got, told me the projector would shut off in 5 minutes. If i turn on the projector again, the pop up will show up again and the projector will shut off again. So bascially i cant use the projector. So im sure you can see the gravity of the problem.

  • Spro 2, wifi version.

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    ​ Good Morning. Do you have a Spro2?

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    I fixed this issue using this tool Spro 2 Battery Life-Cycle Recovery

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