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Okay, so I bought my zte grand at cricket...the one with the gorilla glass(AWESOME, SURVIVED DROP FROM 2ND STORY BALCONY), the not so cool issue? I've had to replace my charger cable 3 different times, and all had the same issue, the wires running from the phone connection side break VERY EASILY. This last one didnt even last 3 months. Anyways, Im sick of paying for them. The charging pads sound Heavenly, no more wiggling and moving the phone to see if it charges, no more incessant charging/not charging notification pings everytime someone walks by the darn phone while it's "charging" or leaving it to "charge" all night while I sleep, waking up the next morning to find out I only have a 4% charge(sups irritating).

I've googled my question a zillion times, and, after reading who knows how many blog posts, have a few other questions too.

Is my zte qi compatible? Whats a usb-c port? If it is compatible, do I need an adapter? What is an adapter for? Would I need to buy some sort of qi card?(huh?) Would I have to take the back off my phone?


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    Your device is not wireless charging capable as is.

    The USB-C port is where you’re plugging in your charger to your phone.

    There are 3rd party Qi receivers you can buy on eBay or Amazon. It would have to be USB -C compatible. It plugs into your phone just like the charger but will have a coil pad on the end instead of a wire. The receiver pad usually has 3M tape on it to attach to the back of the phone. You do not have to remove the back of the phone. One problem that might arise is putting a case on could interfere with charging

    Wireless charging can be convenient but you’re not going to get the same charging speeds as you would a wired charger.

    I recommend looking for a braided USB C charging cable instead of a plastic one. You can find those on eBay and Amazon as well for less than $10.

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    The phone is not compatible with wireless charging unfortunately.

    As for USB-C port, it is one of those reversible connector (ie you can insert it into the phone without having to make sure the connector shape match the port). 

    Typically, a phone that support wireless charging already has the needed coil (hardware) inside the phone and users just have to buy the charging pad. If the phone does not have it built in, it is not something that users can add (without voiding warranty). A simple way of adding wireless charging is using a pad with the charging connector built in where you would stick the pad on the back with it plugged into the charging port. The downside is that if you need to use the port like plugging into the PC, you have to unplug it and it also adds a bit of bulk and sticks out a bit.
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    It was sooooo concise and VERY EASY to "get". Normally, when I ask questions about my cellphone, the answers are soooo technically geared my mind becomes a seave, and everything just kinda oozes out of my brain. I'm sure I must get a eerily dumb, vacant look. 

    But.... Your answer was sooo layman's terms, I found myself hitting my forehead going "DUH!" 

    I dooooooo have another eensy, teensy question tho, if you would be so nice again?

    I'm sure there are people here going, "Man, this is so easy", but, yeeeaaah, that wouldn't be me. Shoot, my 8 year old niece just explained to me, like 3 minutes ago, what a "hashtag" factually IS, versus what it means SOCIALLY, and how to use it. 

    Lemme say that again. She's 8. I'm 39.

    Okay, so my question is: what is a braided charger cable? I'm imagining three of these useless things I bought in a braid, like hair. But, I'm assuming (yeah, I know what they say bout assuming, in this case totally on me), I'm assuming that I'm wrong.

    And, what is the difference between what I've been buying versus a braided one? Is the charging speed any faster?

    OOPS. My bad, that was actually more than one question. Hope you don't mind?

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    Your device is Quick Charge 2.0 capable, which means it can charge at a faster rate provided you have the right USB-C cable.

    You're are exactly right... it's just like braided hair. The outer shell over the wires is tougher than just a plastic coating that you get with most cables. Here is an example of a cable I recommend which is Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible: Click Here

    Now, do you still have the original wall adapter that plugs into the outlet? If so, you will just need to buy the above USB- C cable. If not, here is an adapter you can also purchase that is Quick Charge 2.0 Compatible: Click Here

    I hope this helps.

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