Timezone was randomly switched on my phone overnight

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So today I missed the ACT (October 27th) due to my phone alarm apparently not going off. The night before I had checked everything on my phone (volume, alarms, notifications) and made sure that it was set to the right time to wake me up at. I had the volume set to max and I set 2 additional alarms just incase something happened to the first. So I go to sleep thinking everything is ok. However I end up waking up at 8:16 AM EST (ACT started at 8 AM) and realized I just missed my ACT testing. I was freaking out and was beating myself for what must have gone wrong, until I realized it wasn't my phone's fault or mine. The timezone on my phone had switched back an entire four hours overnight. Is this a problem on ZTE's end or the carrier? I had my phone set to automatic time zone. 

edit: I don't have a plan and I'm not currently signed onto any service with my phone, as I use it just for apps and web browsing.


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    So sorry to hear that you missed the ACT test. Hope you ace the test next one.

    This is rather odd issue especially since you do not have data plan where there is typically a setting that allows you to sync the time and time zone with the carrier. My guess is that possibly the phone connected to a server via wifi and that messed up the time zone. Maybe try to disable time/timezone sync in the setting and in the clock app to see if that would prevent it from syncing any time/time zone data. 
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    Your web browser could be the culprit in this scenario. Especially if you are using Chrome. Since there is no sim in the device it's not getting a tower ping to update automatically. Your device is most likely using your browsers location and they are notorious for getting locations incorrect, my phones constantly thinks I'm in Massachusetts and I'm always getting search results for that area.

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    I have a sim card in my device but the service isn't active nor is the sim card.
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