Oreo battery widget?

Hi y'all,

ZTE's Power Manager seems pretty good, but unfortunately it doesn't play nice with the quick settings toggle or any of the battery widgets I've found. Tapping the quick settings tile should take me to the Android battery settings, but it just gives a toast saying "Unable to open app." 

I kind of like having battery info on my home screen. Is there a solid (and attractive, material design-themed) battery widget that can link directly to the ZTE Power Manager menu in settings?


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    @lazereagle which quick settings tile are you talking about?
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    assuming that you are using Axon 7 and the Oreo build, you can access the battery setting by long press the Power Saver or Ultra Power saver quick tile (the short tap on the tile only toggle the  setting on and off).

    You can also download any quick setting widget from the playstore that let you access the power management setting. I haven't used much of them lately so can't recommend one but there should be plenty of them to choose from.
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    edited November 1, 2018 4:08PM
    Ahh, I see my problem now! I was using a quick setting tile from a third-party app. There's a very good System UI Tuner app that allows you to access a bunch of extra settings, turn off status bar icons, etc. without root. And it has a QS tile which shows battery percentage. I got confused and thought it was a ZTE tile, but it's a third party one. My mistake. 

    Anyway, here's the System UI Tuner app, for anybody who's interested. It's fantastic. 
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