ZTE and USA Prepaid Market

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Still looking for ZTE to rebound, but all the fall out and no new devices for pre-paid carriers at this point looks to be put a dent in ZTE's market share here.  


ZTE's two newest devices are being sold unlocked directly to consumers.  I wonder how long it will take for the relationships with the prepaid carriers to get built back up, and how long will it take for the big 4 to start working with ZTE on new devices.  It's a same because it looked like it was making good traction with ATT before all this stuff happened.

The article above does make a interesting point about ZTE rebranding their devices group as something other than ZTE.  That is a interesting idea.  Not sure they would go for that.  They suggested Axon.


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    I think the US carriers need to see ZTE succeed a bit out of the blocks here before jumping right in. The trust relationship with any of the carriers will need to built again, and with all new management that will take time. It doesn't surprise me at all that there is no carrier device available from ZTE yet. Hopefully as those relationships mend they can slowly get their foot in the door again.

    It's also no surprise that the US is picking on ZTE and Huawei as those are the two that are fighting for 5G supremecy in telecom network gear as well. Why not stop Oneplus? Why hasn't Xiaomi entered the US yet? 

    As far as I'm concerned moving forward, with all of the sanctions in place against ZTE, they probably have one of the safest Chinese devices in the US market these days. It's 3rd party software I'm most concerned about. Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
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    I think Xiaomi doesn't want to play the long game plan with the USA market.  They know to succeed here, you have to get in with carriers if you want to sell more than a few thousand unlocked devices through Amazon and Best Buy.  It took ZTE YEARS to get to where they were, and it seems to are back close to the starting line again.

    Right now, One Plus doesn't seem to be on anyone's political agenda.  Getting in with T-Mobile was a good step forward for them.  Something I wish ZTE would have done with a higher end device on a carrier (other than the Axon M which I think was a niche device).  

    I just don't know what ZTE can do right now.  I am sure they are working on hard behind the scenes and I am eager to learn more about what the road forward looks like.  I just can't be dazzled by these newer devices at this point because I want a premium mid-range/high end device.  I just wonder what their timeline is for getting the confidence to try to bring a device to market here like that all on their own, because carriers are going to take a long time to get back on board with them.  I just don't know how they can make that much profit that way.  One of the reasons Huawei decided to pull out of the market here.  Unlocked device sales only, with no carrier support just equals low sales.
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