I purchased ZTE quartz smart watches one of the watches display is dark and you can't see anythi

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    If you push the side button does the screen come on? What if you press and hold it for about 20 seconds?
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    The screen doesn't come on when I push the side button I tried holding it for 20 seconds it vibrates but the screen doesn't light up funny thing is I can still call it and it'll ring but no display
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    I bought these two watches for my boys in junior high because they ride their bikes home from School I was disappointed when T-Mobile wasn't able to help me I called and they said it was under warranty three days later the warranty was up and they didn't tell me I wasn't able to go to the store and tell my day off which was one day past the warranty date I really rely on these watches for safety or emergency calls for my boys can afford to buy another one right now😔
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    sounds to me that it is possible that the screen could be bad. I would suggest maybe let it off the charger for a couple of days to completely drain the battery. Then place it on the charger to see if it wakes up during charges (as the watch will automatically do that when it is charging). If that still does not show image on the screen, then I am afraid it's the hardware issue. 
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