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***Sorry for reposting but my initial review has been deleted. Try number two lol.***

Quick snapshot of experience with smartphones. I've had many smartphones since first arriving in the 2000's. In this past year the notable devices I've had in my possession have been; Moto Z3 play, BB KeyOne, BB Key2, Nokia 6, Blu Vivo XI+, LG G7 ThinQ, Note 8, iPhone 8, S8,S9, LG Stylo 4, Moto Z2 Force, RAZR Phone, all varying in power and price. 

ZTE Blade Max View 

Having a 400 series processor is not very surprising in a sub 200$ device. Many might be scared off by this chipset but I can tell you don't be. With the stripped down, nearly stock experience and 3 GB of Ram this device feels very snappy. It opens apps and multitasks with ease. I never got into a situation where frustration set in over ram management or any delay opening apps. Compared to similar devices like the LG Stylo 4 the Max View blows the Stylo out of the water. The Stylo consistently had issues with RAM management. Reopening apps in the background became frustrating and outright unusable at times. The Max View is most comparable in use to the Key2 or Z3 play in my experience, which is great. Gaming isn't something I partake in so I can't comment on performance in that department. Most common applications I use daily are; FB, SnapChat, Youtube, HQ Trivia, FB messenger, MAPS, Text, Netflix. 

The device is impressive in this department. Compared to other phones like the Nokia 7.1, 6.1, 6, Moto X, the Max View falls right in line with those. The Max is in good company. The phone has a nice soft touch back and metal rails, giving it a comfortable and premium feel. The volume buttons and textured power button are nice and clicky, they feel great. The phone seems as if it were made with quality materials and it shows. A phone at this price point has no business looking and feeling this good. 

The display is pretty. It's no AMOLED display but it doesn't have to be. Crisp and vibrant is what you get here, I'm impressed at what this thing is capable of visually. Watching YouTube and Netflix has been excellent. 

The sound quality and volume output are excellent. The sound is crisp and loud, I have no complaints. For comparison sake, I would place this between the newer iPhone speakers and the RAZR. Quality isn't there yet but considering the price tag, it is more than adequate. Other phones in the 200 - 400 dollar range can't touch this thing.

Overall the camera is good. Outdoor shots come out with plenty of detail. Portrait mode seems to produce some quality shots that I'm very pleased with. Indoor shots much like many other devices can struggle with lighting, it's more than usable though. Video quality is good but stabilization could have helped in this category. But at this price point, I don't really expect it. 

Battery life has been great for me for what I do with this phone. On average the Max can make it easily through an entire day of moderate to heavy use. For an example, with the phone coming off the charger at 8 AM the device will have dropped down to 65% by 3 PM. That includes a SOT of 2hrs, GPS is on battery saving mode and Sync is on. Only phones I've used that have performed better have been the S8 Active and the RAZR Phone. 

Being this is the first ZTE device I've decided to give a try I can say that I'm sold. For a device that cost 199.99$ shipped, you get a lot of bang for your buck. In a flooded market where manufacturers are trying to compete hard, ZTE has stepped up and given us a product that stands tall. This phone deserves to be considered over a lot of options that are available. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this phone again over the likes of Xperia A2 Ultra or Nokia 7.1. Thank you ZTE for raising the bar. 

ZTE If possible in the future to get devices to write a review would be a great opportunity, thank you. 


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    MARINO1985 Great review! 

    Glad to have you in the community! 

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    Great review @MARINO1985! I thought this was a repost, because I remember commenting on the last one :) The picture quality of this device seems pretty spot on for a $200 device!
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    Software is the major issue with this phone, it's glad it bad. Not fluid in my use, and very sluggish. Other than that, it's an okay phone . Not a $200 phone for sure .
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    Which one better🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • 1god1lovestay8lessed1god1lovestay8lessed True to the community of the ZTE United StatesPosts: 11 ✭✭✭✭
    ZTE blade ZMAX view download is is slow that's without internet or with it
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    Great review..I've left similar reviews on Walmart for my older ZTE phones..but the Blade MaxView just rocks...can't beat it for 200 bucks 
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    Yea, no complaints here. The ZTE Blade Max View gives you pretty much a Bang for your Buck. I'm def hoping for Android Oreo to drop this month, that'd be a Huge Game Changer
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    I miss the Weather App ZTE had on the ZMax Pro. Is there anyway to get it for the Blade Max View?
  • MyhrddinMyhrddin United StatesPosts: 25 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I miss the Weather App ZTE had on the ZMax Pro. Is there anyway to get it for the Blade Max View?

    Have you looked at the Today Weather app?  I checked my axon 7 mini and that's the weather app that's got a widget on my home screen.  Have a look at their site: https://todayweather.co/
    Hope that helps.

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    Got mine Saturday...out of the box I was immediately disappointed...the screen is not as wide as my Blade Zmax Pro...

    I have three co-workers that got the pro after seeing mine and all three were excited to get this phone until they saw how narrow it is (compared to the pro)...

    Plus I still have to modify a case to get some protection!

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