Headphone volume issues

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Every time I run after 30 or so mins my volume goes  crazy. Up, down, ... I can't keep it where I want it at that point for a few mins and then it's good for a short period intil it happens all over again. Then I just get frustrated over and over. Any help is appreciated.


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    @WPBteacher2 let's start with some more information. Are you using Bluetooth or wired devices? Where do you keep your device while running? What apps are you using to listen to your audio while running? What is current build of software you are using on the device?  Thanks!
  • WPBteacher2WPBteacher2 United StatesPosts: 3 ✭✭
    I run with wired headphones and my phone (7.1.1) is in my hands. I either listen to iheart or listen to shows on Netflix. Thanks for any help. 
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    Hmmm not something I've come across before. I'm not trying to make light, but is there any chance that when you are holding it your fingers are hitting the volume buttons at all?

    Also if you use the Dolby Atmos settings, you can clear those by going to settings->apps->Dolby Audio->storage->Clear Data.

    If that doesn't help, wiping the cache partition from the recovery menu is also something you can try.
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