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I'll admit I'm an underdog fan of ZTE..It all started when Samsung started pricing their phones over 500 bucks..So I took a chance on a ZTE Lever and so glad I did. .What I found out was I didn't have too spend a bundle for a great quality phone and it had almost everything I wanted..I then used a Max Duo...I eagerly awaiting the next ZTE phone..and promised myself I would support ZTE when it came out..The BLADE MAX VIEW exceeds almost ALL my expectations..I caved in and bought a Styo 4 a few months ago and while it is  a nice phone ,  it didn't have that  "ZTE CAMERA LOOK  that makes everyone say . "WoW ..that's a great picture.. " When I saw this phone was finally available , I ordered immediately right from ZTE..The battery is just incredible..and the camera takes such stunning pictures I can't wait to take more..So I've had the phone a while and it's a hit..I had issues with call quality which I found out were related to VOLTE on Verizon network ..No fault of the phone ..Just that VOLTE is not that good yet  .....I turned that off and it's call quality is very good...but it's a great option to have if I need it. If your a ZTE Max fan..You will love this phone..They got everything right with this one..Display , Sound ,Battery , Size , and the Camera perform better than any other phone in this price range..I hope the prepaid  carriers pick ZTE back up in the future..But ZTE is setting the NEW standard for  budget phones. I just love my Blade View ..Thank you ZTE for making a comeback in the US.


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    @toddomernikHappy to hear you're enjoying your Blade Max View. Looking forward to seeing some of those photos as well.
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    @toddomernik Nice write up!!  The Blade Max View is a going to only keep getting better!!
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    Definitely a great phone, budget phones don't have to mean huge sacrifices.
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    I am currently using the blade spark and it has been a great phone.... Saving the money to get a Max view all the reviews I have read so far say the phone is great which doesn't surprise me cause zte make the best affordable phones in my opinion thanks zte and hopefully soon I will be using the blade Max veiw
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