Goodbye ZTE - it was nice while it lasted

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I got my US version of the A7 shortly after it was released. I  liked it so much that when my wife's phone became obsolete we replaced hers with an A7 Mini. But now it seems to be time time to move on to some other brand. I've read all the postings in the Oreo "upgrade" thread and frankly there are just too many problems there that I don't want to have to deal with. I realize not everyone has a problem, but many do, and that's not something I am willing to risk.

The battery on myA7 has been behaving badly for the last few months, so I am going to have to replace it soon. I've decided I'll go for a phone in the $500 range. Now I just have to decide on which one. One feature that I'm seriously considering is 5G support. My sense is that 5G will become the de-facto wireless standard, and probably/hopefully sooner than most people think.


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    If your going to change phone anyway, why not install the new software.   You might be surprised.  I didn't have any problem.   Just followed the directions in @mrJWilliams video and you should be fine
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    Yes, that's exactly my point - you have had no problems, but many people have. I see no compelling reason for me to take that risk, particularly in light of the battery problems I am now experiencing. 

    PS: the link in your post gets a 404 - but that's OK; I've watched that video twice already.
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    My Axon7 received a second life with Oreo. It's the only one I use and I will change it, as soon as I find the one. I might even skip the SD845 and jump to the next.

    My battery improved with Oreo, and regarding 5G, it's still a few years away. A few select city will have it before it goes mainstream. 
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    I didnt have a link.  It is the name of person who had video.  You should find link on this site or look up on youtube.

    Yes I had no probkem but since you said you were changing what harm is it to update and see ehat happens.
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    I recently had battery issues and discovered my SD card was corrupted. New card battery good.
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    My battery was misbehaving as well for a few months making the phone cranky and stuttering. I finally broke down and bought a replacement battery on amazon. Followed the YouTube videos and the phone is back to amazing. Super fast again, lots of battery life (replaced 4 days ago). Went from under 2 screen time to almost 5 hours and no more jankiness. No wipe or factory reset.  Phone bought in December 2016. 

    If you haven't replaced your battery yet, go for it! I debated a note 9 or pixel 3 but the axon hw is still just so good and the phones aren't much better yet. Next year might be foldable and 5g. I was very reluctant to do this myself but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I've never swapped a phone battery before.

    Tips after watching videos and reading Reddit replacement tips:

    Get the right tools. Plastic picks, a razor blade or metal spudger for the frame separation part. Tiny screw drivers. This stuff is all very cheap.  Battery and tools less than 40 on Amazon. Little bit of glue for securing speaker grills back on. Some tweezers to help with small pieces. I

    Run a phone stress test while charging before you start. This will heat up the battery to make it easier to remove and is easier than getting daydream running or using a heat gun.

    When you have to pop the plastic out of the metal frame start in the side NOT on the bottom like the videos. I scratched my bottom up trying to pop it out with no success. As soon as I tried the side no issues at all.

    Only pry the battery from the right side when looking at the back. The left side has the display cable. The battery will bend as you pry it out. Who cares, it's worthless.
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    Battery life is definitely not what it once was.  2 years and 3 months old, can't expect much more with mine.  It's now my back up device anyway.
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    Battery life and stability  is also giving me problems so with less than 10 days left on my warranty I called ZTE customer service and they are doing the advanced exchange of a refurbished device. They did take two holds on my CC one 400 to cover the new device until I return mine and one for 80 that insures there is no damage to the phone I am returning. I expect both holds to go unused as my phone after two years is in amazing shape. No scratches to body or screen. 

    The customers service reps I spoke to were great, just really nice folks that genuinely seemed to have my best interests in mind. we'll see how this goes.

    I have been critical in the past about the lack security updates and other communication issues, but I've always thought the phone was great. I've recently moved on to a 6T (great phone) so I'm not sure whether to keeps this as a backup or sell on swappa.    
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    I really really enjoyed my axon 7, and i think Oreo was a good update, at least for me. But now im waiting for a pixel 3. Hoped the best for axon 9, but it was not for me, so... It was really nice while it lasted!! :)
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