[Android Tips] Data transfer tips (Android to Android)

Most of us will be purchasing the Axon 7. This will obviously be the next step to make it the daily driver...

Data transfer when you get new devices can be a pain, specially if you have a flavor of Android lower than lollipop. In case of Lollipop and above, you will be asked if you want to transfer data when you setup your new phone and if your previous version is 5.0 and above, NFC will be used to get all your data (Tap & Go and Get you Apps and Data). Of course, you need to login to the same Google account on both devices.

I have a rooted phone, so Titanium Pro works best for me as it includes contacts, sms, app with data and other stuff that makes flashing a breeze. But unless Axon 7 comes up with an unlocked boot loader, I will need to look at non-rooted options.

For those with older versions of unrooted devices, read on. Note that your OEM might have back up options as well (Example Samsung has the Back up my data option).

  • Transferring contacts:

The best way to do it? Google account Sync. Go to Settings -> Account->Google and turn on the sync contacts button if it is off. Other methods are exporting all your contacts to a csv file and then importing it using an app on your new device. If you don’t want to do it manually, There are a lot of apps available on play store to do this like: Contacts backup and restore by AL, Contacts Import by The prophet, etc. If you are a do it yourself person, that too is easy. Just hit import / export in the contacts section and it will store your contacts on the sdcard. Move that to the new phone and use the same option to import the contacts

  • SMS:

          For SMS’s there is already a helpful post created using SMS backup and Restore app on play store. I personally use it and it works brilliantly. It also has the option of saving the data on           the cloud via drive / dropbox and restoring it from there. If you use Hangouts, logging in should transfer the messages directly. No sweat!

  • WhatsApp:

Go to WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chats -> Chat backup and backup your data if you haven’t done it already. For those who eant to transfer the data manually, you will find the WhatsApp folder on your sdcard when you connect your phone to your desktop / laptop. Just copy this folder to your new phone before you start your WhatsApp for the first time. It should detect this folder and import all your chats / videos and pictures.

  • Pictures:

          If you use Google Photos, the job is already done as it has a cloud backup. All you need to do is just login and wait. You can manually copy pictures from your sdcard as well, by just           copying picture folders (DCIM, Pictures, etc.) to your new phone via a laptop / desktop.

  • Transferring Apps and data:

Using Helium from  play store is a good option as it does most of the hard work for you. There are other apps available as well. These apps become important because even if Google does manage to restore apps to your new device, the app data is fresh. For example, you don’t want to go through all those levels of your fav game after moving to the new device, do you?

I’ve just tried to highlight some simple points that I feel will help get things going. If you guys can add, please share your thoughts. Cheers!


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