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Ive had my axon 7 since Sept 2016 in Canada here..ive recently sent it for warrenty to get the screen replaced. After I got it back..it was fine for a bit even though the battery started draining faster then normal...then it started doing other things that werent right. Like I would press back on a browser and it would not work. Id have to exit the app and then back in again for it to work Or if im in an app I cant pull the phones drop down menu down to access wifi or sound bars. But I can pull it down no problem on the home screen. I looked for answers on google and there were none..Is this a software issue or do I need to get a new screen again? I wouldnt be happy about sending it off again. Thanks for your help.


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    mmh, if this happens only when you are in an app like a browser, then I would suspect this is a software issue. If this happens with just on one particular browser, try another browser to see if problem is gone. If so, you could also try to clear the app data and cache to see if that helps.

  • Hello its been a while and still have the same issue. I just upgraded the O.S to Oreo 8. And yeah I cant get the drop down menu to come down while in an app, I can if the phone is in rotate position. Im starting to think it has to do with the screen they replaced when I sent it to get fixed. I also think it may be a problem with my daughterboard as well, sometimes I go to charge it and it doesnt charge. I have to restart the phone with the cable plugged in and then it will charge. How can I get my hands on a daughterboard and new screen? Im going to replace both myself and if i doensnt work then im done. Ill just have to suffer with it till I buy a new phone. 
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