Blade V8 Pro Camera Lens Dust & Mic Video Saturation Recording

I have been a Zte user for a year now, and i love my device but since 3 months ago i have som issues with my phone, its getting worst the dust inside the lens camera, i have read that im not the only one having this issue, due a isolate problem, i already contact customer service but they dont have a real solution that really satisfice me, since i dont have another device i cant sent my blade v8 pro to repair, i would like to know if theres a way to buy a lens camera replacement, also having some issues while recording a video if theres some music (Not Loud) the mic will saturate the volume and you not be able to listen to the audio, its there a way to regulate the mic recording? 


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    If there is dust behind the first glass layer of the camera area then that is just a protective cover and does not act as a true lens element.
    If dust makes it into main casing of the phone, e.g., if the SIM card tray is left out and dust gets into that slot, or if the back cover somehow gets loose and dust enters into one of the hole leading to the main PCB area which also has opening to the camera bump area.

    If the device is still under warranty, then the best option is to have a service center work in the device, but if it is out of warranty, then to fix the dust issue behind the protective cover of the camera module, would be to remove the back cover, and then using a blower, blow out any dust from the camera area.

    Though keep in mind that taking the device apart may void any warranty that it has remaining, and should only be done if you are confident in being able to safely take it apart.


    For the microphone, make sure that the mic ports are not clogged with dust, and for any other distortion, check which frequency ranges cause the distortion, if mids and high are causing distortion (clipping), then the issue may be one of hardware clipping.

    If the issue is on certain audio details being lost but no signs of clipping, then the issue may be that the camera app is applying adaptive noise reduction to the audio, which tends to cause issues with music.

    If you can upload a sample of the issue, I can provide more info on what is happening.

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    Thanks for your accurate answer, I might do the cleaning technique by following the video instructions, I let you know what its the issue when i do that, but the fact is that the dust is inside the device, might be entered in the jack headphopne beacuse its next the camera, also ill record video, it seems that the mic picks a lot of noise from the back ground,especially when I record from a party or a venue, not even with loud music.
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